Ny to lake michigan

Photo of sailboat Windigo underway with the mast down.


Photo of sailboat Warrior on Lake Michigan


Photo of sailboat Warrior under sail on Lake Michigan

the other windigo

Photo of the other Windigo. Note- Deck house is not square.


Grand Rapids Press photo of sailboat Rangoon  June -17-1959

Prior to Mitena and Windigo was the "Rangoon", later named "Warrior" This was a beautiful sailboat!!!!!

Grand Rapids Press photo, Wed June 17 1959. Rangoon gets new owners. Three Grand Rapids yachtsman, Charles Withey, James Alexander and Lewis Withey III, recently purchased the 50-foot sloop Rangoon from Grand Rapids Chuck and Robert Metzger. The Rangoon, holder of the best Chicago to Mackinac race time is being quartered in Holland and will fly the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club's colors this season.

ec withey island fun

Photo of E.C. Withey on a sailboat in the islands

22 square meter

Photo of 22 Square Meter sailboat  Jim A. Lew W.


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